•  Metal Gothic ornate style arch and gate in front of concrete season statues, armillary on a stand, wood and metal crosses, and religious stations of the cross framed prints.
  •  A variety of concrete urns, planters, and plinths perfect for all weather conditions with various chandeliers and lanterns hanging above.
  • Cast Iron and concrete urns and statues are sitting staggered on stairs in front of a pink wall with a floral painting and various roe deers hanging on the wall.  Behind the urns are metal architectural pieces.
  • Vintage world globes are sitting in the bottom corner of a large room filled with iron chandeliers, metal lanterns, pendants, industrial fixtures, concrete urns and statues.

best of Dallas home 2021

Best Custom Light Fixtures

Scott and Laura Mayborn are sitting on and next to Faux Bois Furniture, concrete furniture made to look like wood.  Above them is just a small portion of the light fixture inventory.

Employees of the Month!

We are a pet-friendly store.  These three cats are a few of our pet residents.  Thirteen and Dot are our black cats, while Tom, who recently passed away, was a grey tabby.